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       The Teacher


Can't We Do Anything To Reduce Global Warming?

Global WarmingGlobal warming: What is the global warming?
I make you understand about the global warming with a simple example. For human being...

Participating in only Swachh Bharat is NOT enough

Cleaning home and its surrounding places must be doneParticipating in only Swachh Bharat is not enough, first keep cleaning Your Home and its surrounding places.
In In

Usage of plastic and its harmful effects

I think there is no body without using the plastic.One of the reasons of using the plastic is it (polythene covers and plastic thin...

Keep cleaning and Be Away from Viral Fevers

Keep Cleaning and Be Away from VIral fevers
How to keep away mosquitoes? What to do to avoid fevers like dengue, malaria, chikungunya etc. Now a days, these fevers spread very fast. Malaria...

3 Ways for Doing Exercise by Not Going to Gym & Doing Yoga

3 Ways for doing excersice
Long ago we would not hear such words "Do exercise", "Physical exercise is a must, do it". But, in these days we often hear people telling others...

Meticulous Working Style Decreases Work Stress

Meticulous Work Style Decreases Work Stress
In this modern world, the human beings’ lifestyle is adapting from time to time. Along with it responsibilities and wants on our shoulders are also...

What Way is the Better to Note/Save the Phone Numbers?

Mobile or Note Book

You all very well know about phones and their uses. But sometimes these phones can’t help us when th...

Controlling thoughts is not hard as you think!

Controlling thoughts is easy

Thoughts uninterruptedly emerge in our mind how the formations of human beings emerge on the eart...

The Teacher

Evergreen respectable star on the earth

You are the meaning of lighting given by the lamp

You are the sun rise for the blindness world

You are the emperor to rule th...


Oh my dear friend

You will be the sound of heart

You are with me as inspiration of living

Your love is brightness of s...

No Love.....

U haven't loved me

In the hottest summer in May,

In the wettest rains in August,

In the chillest in Dec...

Global Warming

ग्लोबल वार्मिंग को कम करने केलिए हम क्या कर सकते है?

इंसान मन लगाकर कोई भी काम किया तो, उसमें जरूर सफलता पाता है। इस तरह मन में इस धरती के लिए कुछ करने का इच्छा होता तो हम इसके लिए कुछ भी करने के लिए तैयार होते हैं।

अगर आप ग्लोबल वार्मिंग सच में कम करना चाहते तो, आप ये कर सकते है।...

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Riding bicycle is good

क्या फायदे हैं साइकिल सवारी करने से?

साइकिल... इन दिनो में इसकी आवश्यकता उतना नहीं है जितना पहले था। मगर उन दिनों में  इसकी उपयोग नहीं किया तो दिन नहीं चलता था। धीरे धीरे इसका आवश्यकता कम होना शुरू हुई है। ये तब शुरू हुई जब बैक हमारे जिंदगी में प्रवेश किया था। अब, कुछ लोग के सिवाय कोइ भी साइकिल नहीं इस्तमाल कर रहे है।…

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Formation of Water Drops on surfaces of Things

Formation water drops on surface of thngs

We see water drops being on outer surface on objects like tumblers, vessels et cetera. It seems to be ver...

Why is the Sand used in Constructions?

Why is the sand used in constructions

This article is for them who have not known about why the sand is used in constructions. If you are als...

Brief Information of Bacteria

Brief Information of Bacteria

On earth, living beings are there because of the bacteria. If they had not been born on earth, all livi,,,

It is Necessary To Know Normal info about Tetanus

We hear people talking that the Tetanus is dangerous infection until the Tetanus vaccine should be take...

Top 3 Scientific Reasons for Sneezing

Top three scientific reasons for sneezingThe reasons for sneezing are in brief. We see people sneezing around us and we also sneeze.  Actually there are...

What is Marathon Running Race and When was it Started?

What is marathon running raceWe know very well about Olympic Games. One of the Games of Olympic is Marathon running race. I was...

Top 10 Tips for Caring Your Teeth and Mouth

Top Ten TIps for Caring Your TeethWe see many people facing problems of teeth and mouth. And some of you who are reading this article may have th...

Is the ‘Hollywood’ film industry’s Name?

Is the hollywood film industrys nameWhenever we listen to the Hollywood name, English Hollywood movies flash in our mind. While watching...

How to change Google Account  password?

Many of you are facing the problems to change their Google account password since Google made changes. Changing password is difficult to who do not have internet knowledge. It is so difficult that the...

How to Add Facebook Comment box on your Blog?

If you are looking for how to add facebook comment plug in on your site, here I am going to tell you how to add it in few simply steps.
First go to: https://developers.facebook....

What’s the usage of adding facebook comment box to blog?

In these days, social networking sites are very closer to every net user. According to many surveys, it’s proved that lots of people are using social networking sites world widely. With the help of social...

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Telugu Goppadanam Gurichi Rasina Meku Maa Vamdanamulu..

Love u sir chalabhvundi

Savitha garru chala bagundhi andi kavithna.......

I like it very much! It's awesome

Prema ante kaamaandhulu romance antaaru, love lo leni vaallu waste antaaru, love failurers narakam antaru, konthamandhi prema nu dabbutho choostharu ,inkonthamandhi andham tho choostharu, inkonthamandhi personality tho choosthaaru, nijam ga love ante naaku kooda poorthiga theleedhu nenu oka ammai ni preminche varaku naaku thelisinantha varaku love ante emotions , feelings , caring , ive naa dhrushti lo love i mean prema ante idhe........!!!!!

elaa antaara ippudu amma vishayaniki vadhaam dhebba thagalagaane abbaa andamkante ekkuvaga amma ane pilusthaam aa pilupu vinna amma parigethukuni vachi neeku emaindho emo ani kangaru padi edchi neeku dhebba thagilithe thanaku thagilinantha ga feel avthundhi anthe kaadhu inkosari ala nuvvu cheyyakoodadhu ani rendu vaayagodthundhi antha kottina ninnu care cheyakunda vadhili pettadhu so indhulo amma great love gurinchi chepu ra ante amma gurinchi chepthunnadu enti ra anukuntunnava yee prapamcham lo edhaina amma prema tharuvaathe kadha manam amma kadupu lo vunnappati nunche amma manalni premichadam modhalu peduthundhi ippudu vachi love chesthunnanu ani cheppi vadhili vellipoye vaalla laga kadhu kadha naa maatalanu accept chesthaara..........???

prathi okkariki feelings vuntai assalu feelings leni vaadu vundadu okavela vunnadu ante vvadu psycho ayina ayyundaali ledha yee bhoomilo ayina kalisipoyi vundaaali correct ye kadha coma lo kooda vundochandoi inka vishayaniki vasthe neeku naaku prathi okkariki feelings anevi vuntai aah feelings andharitho share cheskolemu kadha chaala vishayalu parents tho cousins tho relatives tho panchukolem even friends tho kooda chepukoleni vishayaalu vuntai correct ye kadha..??? ilaanti cheppukoleni vishaaylu anni manam cheppukogaligedhi okka manam preminchina vaallatho ne feelings ante oka romance gurinchi sex gurinchi kadhu prathi vishayaanni feeling ane antaru dheba thagina noppi aithe edusthharu adhi feeling ammai nu choosthe mudhu pettaalani pisthundhi adhi kooda oka feeling ye kadha so manam feelings share cheskovadaniki oka person mana life lo avasaram so mana life partner ne manam lover ga pilchukuntam..okkosari amma ki serious ga vundhi ani thelisina lover ki dhebba thagilindhi ani thelisi amma nu pattinchukokuda lover dhagariki vellipothntaru endhuku ilaa chesaavante oke samadhanam neeku emaina aithe nenu thattukolenu antaaru ilanti pichi premikullo nenokadini maga vaallu edisthe bagodhu antaaru kaani oka abbai okka ammai kosam edusthunnadu ante mathram kachitham ga aa aamai ki thana manasu lo vaalla amma sthaanam ichaadani artham nenu kooda anthe maa amma ku naa lover ku naa manasu lo oke sthanam vuntundhi okkati mathrqam correct amma ni preminche prathi okkadu ammai ni premisthadu indhulo nijam entante manushulu and feelings veru ga vuntundhemo kaani feelings mathram okatiga ne vuntundhi so feelings anevi imporant mana manushulake kaadhu animals ki kooda feelings vuntai....mithramaaaa........!!!!

manishi puttuka puttina prathi okkadu edvaka vundadu elanti vaadaina sare edvaalsindhe naaku oka friend vunnaadu vaadni entha mandhi ela entha gattiga kotiina sare edvadugaaka edvadu inthavaraku nenu vaadi kallalo okka kanneti chukka nu kooda choodaledhu but vaadu naaku okasri chepaadu nenu kooda edusthanu ra naa lover kosam edchaanu naaku 9th wonder laaga anipinchindhi adhi so appudu theluskunnaanu manishi puttuka puttaaka edvaka thappadhu ani ippudu mana intlo evaraina chanipothe edusthaam kadha adhe emotions ...

so naa dhrushtilo mathram prema ante sex kadhu romance kaadhu avi life lo oka part mathrame lovers thappudu vaallu aavochu but love NEVER....!!! meeru vintune vuntaru kadha prathi okkaru chepthuntaru nuvvu naa emotions ni pattinchukovadam ledhu naa feelings ni artham cheskovadam ledhu naapai care theeskovadam ledhu ani adhanthaa idhe eppatiki dabbu kosamo cheppudu matala vallano mee premanu vadhulukokandi mee life mee ishtam edhaina cheyochu meeru but,,,,thappu cheyadam ledhu ane feeling meeku vunte proceed avvandi ledha chesthunna pani aapeyandi adhi manchidhi kaadhu ippudu theliyaka poina adhi thappu ani andhariki eppudo okapudu thelusthundhi oka vela theliyadhu le ane nammakam neeku vunte .....nuvve maaripovachu appudu em chesthaav manushulam kadha maaripotham so don't do wrong...........thank you friends

my bangaram' sandy

very nice anil garu

Bagundi andi me maata aanand garu,,, very nice kavitha

Bagundi andi me maata aanand garu,,, very nice kavitha

Bagundi andi me maata aanand garu,,, very nice kavitha


Andamina prayaanam

great kavithas charan

excellent sir..

SUper.... chalabaga rasavu thammudu

Nice suma

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