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Recent Poetry:

  • I Want To – Poetry
    – Sesi Saradi I want to bury my face Into the hollow of Your neck, Inhale deeply and Experience the exhilaration of Being in your arms. But all I could think At that time, is The ticking of the clock, The marching of minutes And time slipping away Stealthily. In no time at all, You are on the [Readmore]
  • Silent World – Poetry
    Sesi Saradi I love you so much And want to snuggle deep           into your heart. I admire you so much And want to crawl           into your heart And stay there forever. But, You put up a barrier Of silence [Readmore]
  • My Son – My Hero – Poetry
    Kamisetti Chandramouli Sprouting out from the warmth of the Earth Like a pompous seedling raising its head high The bubbling energy in each blood surge He gallantly ascends the peaks of  life With a hand held bludgeon of bravado Heart filled with the power of fortitude Silence an [Readmore]
  • Prayer to the Divine – Poetry
    K. Chandramouli Oh God ! Wake my soul into the world of divinity To carve up the moments of your eternal love Make my heart the abode of sanctity To conjure up your thoughts forever Take me to the pinnacle of serenity To experience the heavenly bliss of life Held in the arms of your amorous embrace [Readmore]
  • Life in a Well – Poetry
    Sesi  Saradi I was thrown into a Well In My prime. It is like a underground forest, With dense vegetation and as it is A Well, water. Lots of it. I don’t know what crime, I Committed, To be thus punished! I have food to eat and water to drink. And a whole life ahead to lament. I live with beasts, [Readmore]

Recent Stories:

  • Adventure in the forest
    – Sesi Saradi Saket, me and Krishna, we are childhood friends. We have always been together in school or outside. The thing that bonded and still binds us to one another is our enthusiasm for adventure. Whenever we could get away from the hustle bustle of daily life we went on treks. This is [Readmore]
  • Watchman’s Daughter – English Translation Story of Telugu
    A Telugu ‘వాచ్మేన్ కూతురు’ story written by Sesi Saradi is translated into English as ‘Watchman’s Daughter’ by the same author, Sesi Saradi. – Sesi Saradi It’s been six months since we shifted into this apartment building and from that day the watchman’s wife [Readmore]
  • Charity Should Begin at Home – English Translation Story of Telugu
    A Telugu ‘తనకు మాలిన ధర్మం’ story written by Sesi Saradi is translated into English as ‘Charity Should Begin at Home’ by the same author, Sesi Saradi. – Sesi Saradi In the center of the sprawling Metropolis, the apartment building “Shiva Krupa” is buzzing like a [Readmore]
  • The Bond — English Translation Story of Telugu
    A Telugu ‘అనుబంధం’ story written by Sesi Saradi is translated into English as ‘The Bond’ by the same author, Sesi Saradi. – Sesi Saradi The house is silent. Lalitha sat alone in the living room, holding the news paper. Holding, not reading! At her age she has nothing [Readmore]
  • The Solution — English Story
    – Sesi Saradi Rekha is in a hurry. She missed the bus she daily catches from her office and she will be late. That made her worry even more. She thought about her children, seven year old Rohan and five year old Ramya. Not old enough to be left alone. Every day she makes it a point to be home [Readmore]

Recent Posts - Health:

అరటి పండుతో తగ్గించుకోగలిగే 14 ఆరోగ్య సమస్యలు

అన్ని కాలలలో దొరికే విలువైన ఆరోగ్యపరమైన మంచి పండు అరటి పండు దీనిలో పొటాషియం,విటమిన్లు అధికముగా ఉంటాయి. అరటి పండు మనకు ఎదురయే కొన్ని ఆరోగ్యసమస్యలకు పరిష్కారము చూపుతుంది. ఆ విషయాలు తెలుసుకుంటే మీరు అరటి పండును “సూపర్ ఫ్రూట్” అని నిస్సందేహము...

ఐరన్ లోపాన్ని తెలియజేసే లక్షణాలు

సెంటర్ ఫర్ డిసీజ్ కంట్రోల్ అండ్ ప్రివెన్షన్ సంస్థ తాజా అధ్యాయనము లో తెలియజేసిన దానిని బట్టి అమెరికా లాంటి అభివృద్ధి చెందిన దేశాలలో 9% స్త్రీలు ఐరన్ లోపముతో బాధపడుతున్నారు ఈ సంఖ్య అంత పెద్దది కాక పోయినప్పటికీ దీనివల్ల ఏర్పడే దుష్ఫలితాలు మటుకు చాలా తీవ్రముగా ఉంటాయి అని ఆ సంస్థ తెలియజేస్తుంది. మన దేశములో ఈ శాతము ఇంకా అధికముగా ఉం...

Recent Poems:

ఋణమా? భాద్యతా? – కవిత

అవధులు లేని ప్రేమను పంచడమే అమ్మకు తెలుసు.

కుటుంబ సంక్షేమమే ధ్యేయంగా పరుగెడుతుంది ఆమె మనసు.

కన్న బిడ్దల కోసం ఎన్ని కష్టాలనైనా సంతోషంగా భరిస్తుంది

సౌమ్య జీవి – కవిత

ఓపిక పట్టినోడు ఓడినోడు కాదు

చేయి బిగవట్టినోడు గెలిచినోడు కాదు

లింగ రూపుడు ధ్యాన రూపుడు కాడా?

లోకులందు వీర పురుషుడు సౌమ్య జీవి!

ఉగాది శుభాకాంక్షలు – కవిత

శిశిరం లో రాలే ఆకులు లా

మీ కష్టాలను పారద్రోలండి

హేమంతపు చలి గాలులు లా

మీ ఆశయాలను సుస్థిరం చేయండి

శరత్ కాలపు వెన్నెల చల్లదనం లా...


Article by: Dr.Anu

How high salary one may be earning, how better one may be living with luxuries, how posh the house and other comforts may be, but to be a good human being, one should have basic values, which makes a person socially acceptable. Every person has a responsibility towards family, society, peers etc. So, one should understand what is needed as an individual and what is expected from an individual by the society. When one develops himself and...

Magic of Marketing

Article by: K. Siddartha

Marketing is the process of bringing a product into access to a consumer from the production unit. It is done through a mechanism in the systematized economy.

Marketing plays a major role in maintaining stability of the economy of a nation. The nation’s economy is wholly dependent on the efficacy of marketing mechanism which influences the living standards of its people.

Know Yourself - First Step To Improve Self-Confidence

Article by: Dr.Anu

A tired bird once landed on a branch and protected itself from dangerous animals. As it used to enjoy and had the safety and support offered by the branch,

one day a strong wind started blowing in such a way that the branch is about to break into half.

But even then, the bird didn’t worry for it knew two important...

Clark Gable - The King of Hollywood

Article by: Sesi Saradi

The history of Hollywood, for the matter the history of World cinema can never be written without the mention of Clark Gable. And who is Clark Gable? There will be very few people in this world who had not read “Gone with the Wind” and even lesser people who had not heard about it. And those who are fortunate to watch the movie that was made based on this book can never forget Clark Gable who immortalized the character Rhett Butler. But before and after “Gone with the Wind”, Gable acted in many films. What is the stuff that made him tick in Hollywood as ‘The King’ for...