5 Tips for Speaking English Fluently

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– B. Akhil Kumar

English is the one of the most people spoken languages in the world. We know very well about it. English country people speak fluently but people, who are not, cannot speak as same as them.

Desire of an English learner will always be like speaking as fluent as foreigners, English country people speak. And in these days in some countries, this language, English, has also become as one of the job requirements. If you aren’t fluent, you might not get it. As I know, since that, all people started focusing to be fluent in English. Seeing this change, we may say that how much this language is impacting the people, isn’t it?

For you there are many ways to improve English fluency.

I’m writing five tips. And I believe that these tips might help you a lot in improving your English and fluency.

Five Tips for you to do for being Fluent in speaking English:

  1. Don’t do grammar exercise and read grammar a lot!
  2. Write Daily in English about your daily Routine
  3. Start thinking in English Today!
  4. Read English Stories, Novels
  5. Start watching Good English Movies

Tip no. 1:

No grammar and exercise books

You may think why I said no grammar and its exercise books. Grammar is the main part of English. Without grammar we cannot imagine English Language. To say, it is the heart of it.

For learner, grammar is important. After learning English you have to keep practicing it for some time. But it doesn’t mean you should do it forever. Of course you can improve forever also. But, suppose your intention is first learning English, next speaking in it fluently, you need not keep practicing after learning it, just focus on spoken English, and the ways to improve it.

Some people after learning English, they don’t speak because of shy or hesitate, and instead of speaking they do practicing grammar exercise and reading them. There is no point in learning English if you do not speak in it in public and communicate with others. These people are one type in types of people. And another type of people think that after being better in speaking English, they will start speaking in public. See, how stupid thought it is. If you do not speak how can you be fluent? It is ok, if you speak at least at your home with family. But it is not ok if you do not speak even with family members also.

If you learnt English grammar which enough to speak English, you need not focus again on grammar. Once you start speaking, automatically after some days you will definitely start speaking grammatically.

Tip no. 2:

Writing daily

To be fluent in spoken language, writing about your daily routine effectively helps you. So start writing what you have done today and the matters you discussed et cetera.

Tip no 3:

Thinking in English

Most important thing that should be done by a language learner is thinking in the language which you are learning. If you are learning English (of course you are. If not, why you read it), start thinking in English. This helps you being more fluent. So, start now thinking about everything in English.

Tip no. 4:

Love Reading books

In those days and now the place of books is still same. It is true after coming movies, television and other technology, people have given up reading books, but half of them still love reading books. To be perfect in English it is also a good way that you reading books.

But, remember! Don’t choose big books to read. Choose small books which actually have less number of pages. Because if you start reading books which have large number of pages, lack of English knowledge you might not show interest in reading them until the end up. If you start reading small books, the books end up in short time. And also you get a feeling that you read a book. And this gives an encouragement to read another book.

Tip no. 5:

Watching Movies

Watching movies is the best part that helps you more to be fluent in learning a language and English. You may think how, right? But, it doesn’t mean that they just help only by the watching. If you are only watching and listen to the movie, you might not understand due to accent they speak in the movie.

How do the movies help then?

They do help.

They help you only when the movie, you are watching, has subtitles.

But why you need subtitles?

Because while watching you listen to it, but you will not make out what they are saying. If the movie has subtitles, subtitles appear while they speaking and they tell you what they speak. English learner while watching and listening to it, understand very well when they also see subtitles. This gives you good result in short time for being good and fluent.