9 Embed Flash, Java and HTML5 chat rooms for your blog or website

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B. Akhil Kumar

According to me I have written about “Embed Chat Room for your Blog or Website” article.

I am writing about approximately nine chat rooms information here by explaining each one of them in an order. I have tried my level best to give you each of 9 chat rooms features information for you to take a strong decision for your blog or site.

Additionally I have also written here some information of chat rooms to give answers of your doubtful questions.

Generally, people, having had desire, show interest to add chat room on their website or blog. Due to not getting free of cost chat boxes, they, despite having interest, don’t add chat boxes on their site or blog.

Why do people expect free of cost chat rooms?

There might be many reasons for people expecting free of cost chat rooms. According to me people, not being financially strong or not having interest to spend money unnecessarily, don’t prefer paid chat rooms to add on their site or blog. There is no point in a paid chat room adding unless your website or blog is related to chat or community category. If you want to chat with your website or blog visitor, simply add a free of cost chat room and talk with your users and get feedback of your website from them.

Why am I unable to find free of cost chat rooms?

A thought, adding chat room is to communicate directly with their users, is really good. I have heard one that many users have searched a lot but they couldn’t find results what they are looking for. There is a simplest reason for not getting exactly results.

Answer: You might not get proper results for what you are looking for due to searching text being lengthy or not being clearly.

Reason: Not having idea of how to search, people might not find what they are looking for. If people have clarity about what they are searching, they can find any easily. Of course there is no need of skills for searching, just way thinking is necessary.

Why have I been unable to find which chat room is good for me and my blog or site?

When you search for something on net, you will get lot of results. By seeing many results, they will get confusion or can’t decide which is right. By opening other results, they ignore other search results which are actually they have to open.

To clarify some of your doubts and question, additionally I have written information above as per my knowledge. If you have any doubts which are not written here, you may request me to clarify your doubts or questions.

9 Embed Chat Rooms

Long ago, having had attractive features, there were many free of cost chat rooms. Don’t know what the reason was but they were not available now, they went offline. But don’t worry there are many other chat providing sites. In some of about them I have written here.

These are the names of 9 chat rooms which are going to tell you.

  1. Xat
  2. Addonchat
  3. Everywherechat
  4. Tinychat
  5. Websitetoolbox
  6. 99chats
  7. Chatroll
  8. Chatovod
  9. Neatchat

Don’t consider the given number of name of the chat rooms, because order of these chat providing sites has been given randomly. They are not ranks of them.

1. XAT: This is a flash chat room and available to place it on your site or blog.

Features of it: It has emotion symbols, sounds, changeable background of the chat box et cetera.

Admin control: It has admin control powers but this feature is available for paid users.

My opinion: I have tried for this room to get, but I have found very difficulty in signing up, creating it and logging in also. So I have put aside it.

2. Addonchat: This is a java chat room. No worries if you have installed java already. But to run this chat room on any webpage, you need to install plug in of the java.

It has many features.

Admin control: Yes, admin controls, ban system and many more.

My opinion: Generally, I don’t like chat rooms which are run with java plug in, because they take time to load the chat and often get struck.

4. Everywherechat: This is also java chat room. You can add this chat room on any of your webpage.

Features of it: I didn’t check totally of it but it has wonderful features.

Admin control: Don’t know.

My opinion: I haven’t tried yet.

4. Tinychat: It is a flash chat room.

Features of it: It has audio and video chatting and emotion symbols.

 Admin control: Yes, it has moderating feature. You can’t moderate your room from your chat room where it has placed. You can assign moderator rights to your friends or your chatters.

My opinion: To me it is very difficult to moderate on this chat room. I don’t like to be on tinychat webpage to moderate because I give preference to moderate from my webpage itself. Another reason to put aside it is that this chat room takes too much time to load.

5. Websitetoolbox: Before it was java chat room, but recently they have announced that to run their chat room, you need not any plug in.

Features of it: It has many features which are mostly you need.

Admin control: According to announcement of them user banning is coming soon on it

My opinion: I have not checked new chat room of it yet. But, I will surely update this article soon with information of this room after checking it.

6. 99chats: This is fast loading flash chat room.

Features of it: Changeable fonts and colors of your chat text.

Admin control: It has moderating system. Manual banning and moderating from chat room is available on 99chats. Kick user, ban user, assign moderators permanently or for hours or minutes. To assign moderators for minutes or hours, you have to use /op nickname command inside of the chat room.

My opinion: 99chats is easy to use and understand. Having had nice controlling features and changeable fonts and colors, I give preference to use it on my webpage. This chat room, not being good in appearance and having emotion symbols, is little bit not so satisfy, except it, it is good at all

7. Chatroll: This chat room needs not any plug in like flash or java, because it is a HTML5 chat room.

Features of it: I don’t know full features of it.

Admin control: I don’t know about it totally because totally I have not checked it yet. It may have admin controls because it is providing free and paid chat rooms.

My opinion: It is providing freely only 10 chatters chat room only – at one time 10 chatters can only chat on it. This limitation made me put aside it to use.

8. Chatovod: This chat room also html5 chat room, it needs not any plug in to run.

Features of it: Users of your chat can register on your chat and can have their own profile. Offline message you can send to registered chatters even they are offline. It has many emotion symbols. Admin of the chat room can delete each message of any ones.

Plus point: Your chatters can join on this chat using their Google, Yahoo et cetera.

Minus point: It does not have “ignore” option.

My opinion: I have tried it many times. If you want to know more go to that website and know more.

9. Neatchat: It needs not any plug in. It is HTML chat room and can load easily on any device.

Features of it: It has symbols of emotions and notifies who are chatting and who are giving you reply.

Admin control: Yes, it has admin control. You can ban a person forever, month, week and for a day also.

My opinion: Room is nice but you can’t assign moderators on this chat room and also it does not have manual banning.

Note: I have written all information about chat rooms et cetera which I have written here is according to knowledge of mine only. Written information may change anytime so before selecting any chat room know about it fully then proceed. Do not proceed by reading my article.

Having read entirely this article, do you have doubts or questions still about chat rooms? Ask me, I will try to clarify.

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