About the keyboard designer of Sholes

Do you know full information of the about our computer keyboard? If you know then no problem but if you don’t know then you should read this article.

Hundreds of years ago Typewriters, 50 years back computers and newly coming smart phones… this three are every time changing because technical knowledge. But in these all three Typewriters,  Computers and smart phones are changing but only one thing is common and it is not changing. Can you guess what is that common thing? That is only and only keyboard. And do you know a fact, in this whole worldly every keyboard had alphabetical lettered buttons are starts with only “Qwerty”. That’s why we are calling this keyboard as QWERTY keyboard.

There is a big story in creating of this keyboard.

Let me explain in few words. First he was created this keyboard with alphabetical order. In this keyboard ‘keys’ attached with the ribbons. In that keyboard when will we press that buttons, that buttons will come up (Typewriting keyboard) every time. In English language there were regular using words side by side. In this case some problems were happened that is ribbons jamming. He thinks about it. And he designed another keyboard with the order of QWERTY buttons. It was gave good result.

Do you know who is he? Read below the paragraph.

Typewriter is from the since hundred of years. This type writer designer name was Sholes. Sholes designed this keyboard. This keyboard called as QWERTY keyboard. I was already told you in above paragraph but once again I’m telling you. His first designed keyboard had keys are only in alphabetical order but when he using this Typewriter then typewriter was always jammed that’s why Sholes was modified the keyboard. That keyboard is QWERTY keyboard. The QWERTY keyboard is best keyboard in  all types of keyboards. The Sholes was created this keyboard in the 1874. Now a days we are using that is the QWERTY keyboard only.

After, lots of keyboards were come but that keyboards are very hard to type. Really Sholes is great.

Article by: Padmasri

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