About us

The “Manandari.com” is a website of Literature & Arts. Our website is different from all other literature & art websites and  also from other printed magazines and weeklies. Our Manandari.com’s working style is also diffrent from all webzine/magazine. Now-a-days (in our view), there is no propoer identification for poets/poetess & writers  and many of the poets/poetess & writers have no recognization in our society and  lots of poets/poetess, writers and artists are not coming to expose their talent to the society. As a result we all are the readers losing unique literature books. Even from the online magazines/web-zines are also not providing full chance to the new poets/poetess, writers and artists.
We identified it. We thought about it and planned for a literature and arts website. As a result we started a mini site in 2009. Unfortunately, due to some personal problems, we had stopped developing our website. In 2011, we have successfully re-started our website. Since that day, till now we are developing our website regularly and successfully. Our website is only  meant for encouraging the poets/poetess, writers and artists talent. This website is not about business purpose. We are developing this website totally with our expenditure. We didn’t take any donations from any one.
First of all, we have started a special 4 lines poetry section in our website for the purpose of encouraging the new poets; Because most of the people(poets/poetess) write the poems but they don’t know where should end the poem if they give end to the poem they don’t who accepts to publish these poems, that is why we have decided and launched this special category and senciorly we are saying welcome to new poets/poetess, writers and other artists.
In “Manandari.com”, you can write poetry, stories, articles and history etc. Our visitors can read these all stuff without installing any Telugu font help; and all contributions of our website can be read from any mobile device and also tablet or other devices without having script troubles, because many of Telugu readers were suffered by reading Telugu language in their devices; We recognized and successfully solved this problem in our site and our website users can read this site stuff very easily because our website has clear designed stuff.. Anyone from anywhere can read “Manandari.com” website’s stuff.
There are also some additional features available in the “Manandari.com” and they are singing and photography. We started these extra features in the starting of the year 2012. To know more details about these features, please visit the “Features” named page of this site, and find out the “SwaraVaani” heading.
In our “Manandari.com” website, we will publish the writings and other content with taking the full permission of the content’s author/owner. Only with their full support(permission), we will publish.