Advantages & Disadvantages of using the Internet

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B. Akhil Kumar

Advantages & disadvantages of using the internet

Before knowing the usage of internet, we should know about what the internet is. To say simply, which connects us to access the WEB is called internet. Internet is connector of the web.

One article is not sufficient to describe entirely about usages of internet. You, by reading it, can understand that how much internet is useful to us.

Both the advantages and the disadvantages, by using internet, are there. A proverb in Telugu, which I often use and is suitable to tell about advantages and disadvantages, is there is sharp both sides of a knife.

What are the advantages of internet?

The advantages of internet are many to say. About few of them I am going to tell you here in three points.

  • Information
  • Knowledge
  • Social networking & maps


There is a lot what we don’t know around us and worldwide. To know what we don’t know, we always depend on internet. We, by connecting to the internet, can access various website which give us information. Almost there is no “NO” answer on internet for what we search.

Forums, blogs, communities and many more sorts of websites are available on WEB to provide you information.

This all information will be available to you when you have an internet connection. So if there is no internet, no information.


Students, housewives and rest, to be educated or get the knowledge, depend on internet. To people depend on internet, there is a reason for it that in these days on online many online courses are available for everybody. You can learn those courses from sitting at your home. You can learn on online either it is subject related course or any other special course for free of cost or paying.

By learning on online, we can learn very easily. And many more things are there on web to learn or know by using internet.

Social networking & Maps:

Social networking: Most of people prefer to use the internet for the social networking. You, by using these sites, can be in touch with your friends, relatives, beloved ones and who you met in past. To say simply, it is the best way for people to stay in touch with everyone.

Maps: An important thing which is remarkable is GPS. GPS which runs with the help of internet on any device helps you to know the route, distance and many more.

Like this there are lots of things to know on web by using the internet which are not fully explainable on single article. To know all these and see, you need only the connection of internet. The info, which I have written here, is the purpose of just to know the advantages of internet.

Disadvantages of internet:

Main or well-known disadvantages of internet:

  • Hacking
  • Cheating
  • Misuse of internet


Hacking has become as the biggest problem. We may see many of reputation companies’ website, computers and servers being hacked by hackers. Solutions for it are becoming out of the question for normal people. This is the biggest problem which is being faced by internet users.


We see commonly in these days many people being cheated on online. Mostly many of people are being cheated on social networking sites and also by getting the mails of fake lottery.

Misuse of internet:

  • Crime:

And many other crime rate on online has hugely increased according to some surveys and researches. So everybody should be careful on online.

  • One more thing:

Student, by spending lot of time in front of computers, are neglecting their studies. Their education is being disturbed because of spending lot of time in front of computers. This is shouldn’t be done. Parents should look after them to stop their children sitting in front of computers. They, not having parents care, are neglecting their studies and spending time in front of computers.


Everything consists of a limit. Like that for usage of internet has also a limit to use. Everybody should use for good. If it is used for good, it gives good results to you. If you use it for bad, it gives bad results to you. Using of internet depends on you so it will be how you use. 

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