Don't be afraid of failures

Success and failure, from many days I am thinking to write an article on this topic. But, I have not got right time to write it. When I felt free I wrote this article in my book.

Let’s go into the topic.

Before reading about success and failure, I would like to tell few sentences about success. In my view, everyone thinks that the success depends on their luck. I don’t know, why they think like that. But, it is totally wrong. Who thinks that they can get success through only with the luck they do not get success in their life. Because success does not depend on luck or any. Perhaps some times success is possible to some people with their luck, but it is an another topic. But, the truth is the success will be possible only through the hard work. In fact, it is possible with the hard work only.

I strongly suggest you that “Do not think that you will get success through your luck or destiny”. Because the success is not a gift of the God like nature. When you work hard success will come automatically into your life. Don’t say that even doing hard work I am not getting it. (Present point is not about we are doing hard work or not, the topic is about to become a success person). If you are not getting success even doing hard work It means at that same time another persons are working same like you, in result you all are become equal, then how can you get success if you performed like others?

I hope that you have realized now, haven’t you?

You will get success only when you will do hard work and more than others. At that moment only possible to become a successful person in your work. Otherwise…… (You can understand)

It is my opinion to get success in our life. Till now I have described about “How to get success”. In the Success and Failure I have said about success. Now let’s go to know about failure. There is nothing much to describe about failure. You should concentrate on works. And put your concentrate on it only, and love your work. If you don’t which I have said or etcetera then you get failure in your work. And when the time is difficult to get success, at that time we get failure. To tell in a small sentence… There is no success without the failure [some people get success in a single shot but I am not saying about them. I am saying generally]. Do you know a hidden fact of A to Z letters? If you don’t know here in this article I am saying you that!

First of all take a paper and write alphabets from a to z on that paper. After writing them, read this article.

It is a best example to tell which comes first in success and failure.

Now, for example take success and failure words. Pick the starting letters of success and failure. And now you have taken letters are ‘S’ and ‘F’. Now turn your eyes and see A to Z alphabet letters. See in the alphabets. ‘F’ comes first in the alphabetic letters. And after the ‘F’ letter, ‘S’ letter comes in alphabets. It means Failure will be first before the success. Another example is positive and negative. In these two words also same happens first negative comes and second positive comes. One more example, that is bad and good. Now also same repeats “bad” comes first after that “good” comes.

Through this, what did you understand? I don’t know what is going on your mind. I will tell…. In life, every time darkness comes before the sunrise. Everywhere, if there is good along with it there will be bad. By reading this you can know there is no success without the failure. So, don’t be afraid of failures. Try and try, you will definitely get success. And also do not lose your courage when you get failure… always be strong.

All the best for your success!! And keep smiling 🙂

Written by: B.Akhil

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  1. There is always a successful person and a failure as well. Without each other, there two words are nothing so there should be both instead of successful only.

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