Analysis of Superstitions – Few Most Believed Superstitions in (the World) India – English Article

B. Akhil Kumar

Briefly Analysis of Superstitionals

Our earth, where we live on now, formed crores upon crores years ago. Since setting in we read about earth and its atmosphere changing and on earth lot of living creatures being born and passing away. Long ago human being emerged on earth. In that period there is nothing to tell which is good and bad to the aboriginal people.

Once we should imagine how aboriginal people lived in that period. Everything they had to know which should be eaten and not be eaten. Aboriginal people everything learnt practically which should be done and not be done et cetera.

They knew which was correct and not. In that way aboriginal people, while reminding what they had known, told their forthcoming generations, so that they would know regarding around their world.

In the course of time, some of the matters, what the matters aboriginal people had known were proved as true and some were not proved, are still believed. In that way some are still alive in people as superstitions.

As per my knowledge I am going to tell about three superstition types.

Types of superstitions

  1. Superstitions (from the period of aboriginal people)
  2. Superstitions (Truths)
  3. Blind believes

1. Superstitions (from the period of aboriginal people): I have already written regarding it above.

2. Superstitions (Truths): I don’t say that all superstitions are entirely blind faiths because 99% superstitions may be the untruths, but remaining 1% will be the truth definitely as per my knowledge.

For ‘1% will be the truth definitely’, you may question to me like this “Do you mean, should I believe on Superstitions then?”

I never say you to believe these superstitions because I have written about this second type of superstition, so that I can tell some of superstitions have not only fact, but scientific reason too.

For example:

Regarding full moon day there is a superstition not only in India, but in other countries also. It is believed that on full moon day supernatural power will be everywhere and if anybody goes out in full moon day, they will be affected badly by supernatural power and have to suffer from supernatural power.

But behind regarding this superstition, there is a scientific reason. The rays of moon fall upon people when they come outside on the full moon day. Due to rays of moon, the bad affect will be on some people. In brief, it is the scientific reason of this superstition. So stop thinking blindly about it and get on with your life.

Why have this kind of facts been told as superstition?

As per my knowledge in olden days no one believed on science. By explaining the scientific reason, elders noticed that people, having known, are neglecting about which they have been said.

So they, elders, might have thought of for the solution, then they might have found the solution that if they told that scientific reason as a superstition, people, being afraid of it, would not try to do which had been said for not to do.

3. Blind believes: On this point I am going to tell what you are looking for that most believed two superstitions which have neither logic nor scientific reason.

Superstitions which give Good Results

  • Filled Vessel with water:

In India, whenever someone comes out to do something new, it is good and that work, what they are going for, will become success if anybody carries the water vessel with water and comes in the opposite direction to them.

Superstitions which give Bad Consequence

  • Sneezing

It is believed that while going on any work whether it is minor or major,  they think that it is a bad sign to go or to do if they hear others sneezing.


As per my knowledge I have written it. This is my analysis briefly regarding the superstitions and given few superstitions are the most believed superstitions in India and in other countries.

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