Role of ‘Old Age Homes’

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Now a days everyone know about Old age homes and uses of old age homes. We know very well about old age homes and role in life. Long ago there were only number of old age homes but now the number of old age homes is highly increased. Reasons we know that why old age homes are establishing. Whatever reasons but old-aged people are spending their end of life time in old age homes. It’s so sad to hear.

Mostly children are joining their parents in old age homes.

In a way old age homes are useful. And society need it. For example, old age homes play main role in a old aged person life when he/she is an orphan. For those old aged people old age homes are necessity.

Children are joining their parents in old homes if they want to go or settled in other countries. Because some of children parents don’t like to go other countries, they like to stay in their mother land only. Because of this reason children are joining their parents in old age homes. In this situation old age homes are useful to people. And plays main role.

Another use is also there with the old age homes. It is some old aged people like to talk and stay with their same aged persons. So those people also join in old age homes.

For above the situations old age homes are useful.

But some children are forcing to join their parents in old age homes. It is very wrong. To do this they have many reason. One of the reason in them is children dislike to serve their parents.

But it is very wrong, children thinking should change. To be a old aged is wrong? Why is this punishment to them? What wrong did they do?

Without parents permission and agree joining them into old age homes is absolutely wrong. When parents became old aged they want to be stay with their loving children but children dislike them when they are come old aged. Why is this partiality. What have they done? For this question answers are many. And you too know.

Children should think once when they join their parents in old age homes that “Our parents did alot for us. Worked hard and gave us lot of love. They did many sacrifices for us. Because of my parents we are in this position now. If they did not do all those would we be in this position? NO!”.

If every children think as I said above they stop joining their parents in old age homes because they would know the fact. So they stop.

Of course children are busy in these days but busy should not be to neglect our loved ones such parents. You need not spend much time for your parents a single lovely word is enough for them to keep them happy. And don’t get angry to serve your parents be happy with them. Because in their younger age they did lot of work but now they became old aged, in this age they need happy and rest only except this they need not anything.

Children should take care of their parents and they should keep them happy till their end of life.

Old aged people don’t like to be stay in old age homes so I suggest you don’t join your parents in old age homes. Old aged people want to be stay with their children and grand children.

Written by: B.Akhil

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