Color changing of Sky – Photographs by Savitha

0 thoughts on “Color changing of Sky – Photographs by Savitha”

  1. Savitha Garu,You have lot many talents!! I am seeing my town through your pictures.My child hood memories recollect back through your pics. Really Awesome!!

  2. thanks suma gaaru. maa colony lo ekkuva trees vuntaayi and houses thakkuva so sunset sunrise alaa treess and sky clear gaa nice gaa vuntaayi so beautifull views ni alaa capture chestuntaanu .

  3. different colours lo unnapudu skyni capture cheyalani meeku vachina thought adbutam savita gaaru. very nice.

  4. After long time I am seeing your photographs here. I think you are nature lover, aren’t you? Because I have seen almost nature photos in your photos. Everyone are nice. Your view of nature is nice. Nice

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