Day 1 – 10 Daily Use English Words

Day 1 - 10 Daily Use English Words

Improve your word power from today. Learn each day 10 daily use English words.

Insipid: Adjective.

We use this word whenever food is tasteless.


  • Tea is insipid. (Tea does not have sugar so it is tasteless)
  • Soup is insipid. (Soup is spice less)
  • The brinjal curry is insipid. (It is not salty or spicy)

To express the taste of the food you can use insipid for tasteless.

Lip-smacking: Adjective.

You can use this word when food is more tastiest and it is hard to describe with routine words like nice, good, etc.


  • Chicken biryani is a lip-smacking dish.
  • Chappan Bhog sweet home is famous for lip-smacking sweets.
  • Gulabjamun is one of my favorite lip-smacking sweets.

Stale: Adjective.

It is used to describe food which is stale and uneatable.


  • Stale food should be thrown away in the garbage.
  • Some hotels serve stale food.
  • If stale food is eaten, health spoils.

Morsel: Noun.

 A small quantity or amount of food.


  • She did not eat even a morsel of food.
  • At least eat a small morsel of food and tell me the taste.

Leftover: Adjective.

Remaining food after serving.


  • Some restaurants give leftover food to poor people.

Rake up:  Phrasal verb.

To mention something or a problem or issue which was happened in the past.


  • Opposite politicians are raking up the past to waste the time.

Boast: Verb.

To praise oneself.


  • He boasts everywhere about him.

Give up: Verb.

To stop, to quit.


  • He gave up smoking cigarettes.
  • She gave up eating chocolates and icecreams.

Sulk: Verb.

To be silent, to be away


  • Small children sulk when they do not get, they want.

Squabble: Verb.

To quarrel.


  • Wife and husband squabble with each other.


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