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Are you thinking to start a chatting website? Before start your website I want to tell you few sentences about “Start a chatting website”.

If you are thinking to start a chat website / blog or whatever in my view of point starting chat website is waste of time. This is my opinion only I’m not going to discourage you, I’m trying to share my exact feeling cause it may be use to you in future/present that is why I am writing right now. If your doubt is “Why is starting chat website waste?”, I have answer for it.

Because I have my own experience, that’s why I decided to write this useful article. I do not know my article is exactly use full (to you) or not but my hope is it may be useful to any person (who wants to start chatting website).

So many years back I think 5 years back I have a blog. At those days I decided to add a chat room. Searched and searched so many chat rooms for my blog but I didn’t get plenty featured chat with free of cost. After some days I have got one chat room, quickly and simply I added that chat room into my blog. On those days I was new user to internet. That’s why I didn’t know what should I do or not, even I didn’t know too what is correct or wrong. After all I have spent so much time after starting my chat blog. I enjoyed first 2 or 3 months while doing chat with my blog users, But after the starting of my chat blog just I think about me and looked to my work I surprised my every work is pending cause of doing chat. At that moment I realized what mistake I was doing and what I done. From that day I have stopped going to chatting and developing meant when I was realized. I learned a lesson from with this.

This experience has forced me to tell you “starting of chatting website/blog is waste”.

Now say, starting of chatting website is correct or wrong ..? Whatever that is your wish, because you are only your destiny creator.

And one more thing if you want to know while doing chat what is the plus and minus things then go to this link :

That above link may be useful to you.

Even after the knowing about this also you want to start a chatting website? Then I’m ready to help you.

Do you want to start a blog/website with free of cost?

If your answer “YES”.

I’m ready to help you.

Few of platforms are providing us with free of cost blogs and websites. You want to start a blog simply go to Blogger dot com and sign up in that website with filling your information. After you did that you may able to create up to 1000 of blogs. As soon as possible I will write an article about the blogger dot com with full details (step to step).

After your blog creation is complete. You will able to add a chat room into your blog. To know about which chat room is providing chat box with free of cost please visit this link :

I think now you have decided to add any one of the chat box from which are provided by me in another article. First you finish sign up and create your chat box in those chat websites. After you chat room created, copy the chat room’s HTML code paste it on your clip board. Now go to your blogger dot com and create a new page under the your blog. In that page paste the chat code publish it.


You have successfully created a chat blog.

Do you have doubts? You can ask your doubts in comment as soon as possible I will respond to your comment.

If you like my article add this link into your blog to help more people.

Article by: B.Akhil

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