Why does the human body need salt?

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The body needs the salt. The salt is not for only the taste. Salt is very important to physiological processes. The human cannot live if there is no salt in human body. It is abnormal to listen. But it is fact. Human beings can live without sweet, chill and sourness but they cannot live without the salt. Approximately human body contains 50 litters of water. This water will not be pure.

The water percentage is like as shown in below:

The muscles have 75% of water. The liver has 70% of water. The brain has 79% of water. And the kidneys have 83% of water.

This water is salt water not pure water:

Human body is habituated to take salt. The body blood has also saltiness. Sweat has also saltiness. And tear water has also little saltiness. Because, before the hundreds of years the all creatures were born in the sea. After that they learned the living on the earth. That’s why they cannot live without the salt. Bio chemistry of the body is depended on the salt. The blood  has also salt. Human body’s sweat has also salt. And human’s tears water has also salt. Salt is very important to heart, kidneys, muscles and hormones to do their works correctly. The salt protects the water balance in the body.

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