Don’t Fall into the Magic when You Shopping

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Don't Fall into the Magic when You Shopping

To have whatever we need, we do shopping. From grocery to everything we buy at stores and shops. If we have patience we go to ten shops until we get what we like. We will also be ready to spend huge money to buy the item if it deserves it.

When people do shopping they have to be aware of everything whether they do shopping on online or offline. Here a question might raise that why we should be aware of it.

Because some shopping malls and stores, online shopping websites try to attract and force you buying products by their exciting offers. Generally everyone gets easily attracted to stunning offers. After all we are human beings.

Some shops and sites offer you “Buy one and get another absolutely free”, “Buy 2 and get so and so discount”, “Occasion of so and so get 50% discount” et cetera.

Are they our relatives or friends to give us free on occasion of something when we buy? No! Their that kind of offers are in the part of their business. If any festival comes, we go to shops and buy. They know it very well. They make this opportunity to grow their sales. For it they offer stunning offers to attract us. Actually they don’t give free if we buy any. They bill for those two. They fix the rate by keeping two items rate in their mind. I have observed it many times.

We have bought something on buy one and get one free offer. After buying I have known that we didn’t get free another, we have paid for it too. I have known it when I have enquired about it in another shop on normal day.

A Trick, they implement to Attract you:

When we go to supermarkets et cetera, we see some products having free items which we mostly use daily. When new products launched into the market, to introduce them to the buyers, they add some items, which we use or buy regularly, to the new products and give us free when we buy them. Behind their idea of this trick is taking the new product into the public to grow their sales.

There is nothing free. My suggestion to everyone, don’t get attracted easily for those offers. Enquire about them and buy. And one more thing when you go for shopping fix in your mind that you will buy what you need only. Without planning if you go to shopping, your pocket will become empty definitely. Because arrangement of malls and supermarkets make us buy more items which we don’t need. So before going to shopping, set your mind according to your needs.