Girl should be supported and educated & Necessity of education for the Girls to our Country – English Article

Everyone is human beings either they are woman or man. So everything should be equal to both. But this equality is not there to woman, they are being neglected. Everywhere in India or any other country, we see a girl being suppressed.

Despite changing the time, mind set of some people in India in some places especially in villages has not changed yet. Villagers still feel education for girls is not necessary. Because of not educating their children especially daughters, they are making their daughters weaker.

Not only in the study, but in the other things also girl is being suppressed.

Our country needs educated women because if girls are educated whole country will be educated and developed.

How will the whole country be educated if girls are educated?

If girls are supported and educated, they can solve their problem themselves, stand on their feet, will not depend on others and do job. They will become economically strong. If girls are economically strong, they can help others too.  And if girls are educated, they will educate their children. Because of them, their children will be educated. Like this literacy will be picking up. In result illiteracy will decrease and vanish.

When literacy and literacy of girls increase our country will automatically develop in all fields. 

Written by B.Akhil Kumar

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