How to Add Facebook Comment plugin / box on your Site or Blog?

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If you are looking for how to add facebook comment plug in on your site, here I am going to tell you how to add it in few simply steps.

First go to: link. This is the page where you can get facebook comment plugin. also clearly described how to add it to your website but if you are new to internet and developing sites, blogs, you might not have clearly made out it. In beginning, I also couldn’t understand that properly but I read their instructions very carefully, after I knew how to add it.

I thought there might be people who couldn’t understand clearly. For them, I’m writing this article describing about ‘How to Add Facebook Comment Box on Your Site’ very clearly, so that they can make out it easily.

Open the link which I gave above. Check the page carefully!

You will see on that page (facebook) “Comments Plugin Code Generator”. Below it you will see three boxes being.

They are:

  1. URL to comment on
  2. Width
  3. Number of Posts

Step 1:

1. Enter your website’s URL in “URL to comment on” box. (URL = link of your site. Ex:

2. In width box, enter the number how much the comment box should appear on your site. If your website is responsive for mobile, enter “100%” in width box.

3. Enter the number in number of posts field. If you enter “10”, ten comments appear on that box, remaining will hide until you click “Show more comments”.

Now 1st step is completed.

Step: 2

Now click on “Get Code”

Step: 3:

After you click, a box will appear. On that box you will see two boxes being with the codes.

Copy the code which is in the first box and go to your website. Paste it below <body> tag. And save it.

Next, copy the code which is in second box. Wherever you want to appear the facebook comment box, paste second box’s code there and save it.

Almost adding the facebook comment box on your site has been completed by you. Now remaining thing is adding meta code. Through this meta code you can moderate your facebook comments like approving, deleting, banning et cetera.

You will find it on facebook page where you will get facebook comment plug in code.

Step: 4

Find the meta code on that page. To search where it will be, press CTRL+F on your keyboard. A search box will appear on your browser. In that box, enter below quoted message.

“Setup using a Facebook Account”, copy it and paste it in search box and hit enter. You will be taken to where that meta code will be on the page.


In this code you will see above text. Replace above text with your facebook profile id. After replacing that text with your profile id in meta code, copy it and paste it in <head> section. And save.

100% completed adding facebook comment box on your website. Whenever a new comment comes, you will see the notification on your facebook account.


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