How to Change Google Account Password? – Step by Step

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Many of you are facing the problems to change their Google account password since Google made changes. Changing password is difficult to who do not have internet knowledge. It is so difficult that they should learn a password-changing course to change Google password.

So today on this article I would like to tell you how to change your Google account’s password. Once you change your Google account password, all Google products’ passwords automatically change. Because under the one Google account you can access Gmail, Drive, Google+, et cetera.

Google provided guidance how to change the password but some of people don’t know about it. Because common user thinks everything should be in easy way for them.

Here you can know how to change your Google account’s password so easily that you can change it simply in few minutes.

Step One: sign in into one of your Google account products. Example: Gmail.

Step Two: After gmail page is completely loaded, look at the right corner at the top of the page. There will be your image icon or any other icon in circle shape, click on it.

Step Three: After you click on the circle shape, small size box appears. On that small box, there will be blue colour button having “My account” letters which are white in colour, click on it.

A new window will open.

Step Four: On new window you will see one or two or three columns being. On first column or first left side column has “Sign-in and Security” name. Did you see it? Yes, you saw it!

Under the message “Control your password and account-access settings” of Google, there will be three options.

Step Five: Click on “Signing in to Google” option. After the page is loaded, you will see again three options being under the “Password & sign-in method” message of Google.

Step Six: In three of them, first option is password changing option. Click on “Last changed…..” or on “Password”.

Step Seven: To change your password, you have to confirm your current password. You will redirect to a page where you can confirm your current password. Enter your current password and sign in.

Step Eight: Now the page will be redirected to “password changing page”. Enter your new password in first box and confirm by writing it again in second box, next click on “Change password” button. That’s it. You will change your password successfully.

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