How to Create a Website? – 2 Steps to Start

The thought how to create a website says that you know little bit about websites and uses of it. So I think, describing to you what website is, what the use of it is and blah blah blah is not necessary. Because you know some info already, that’s why you are here to know creating site. So I’m going straight into the topic. If you don’t know what website is, need not worry I will tell in brief while discussing our topic.

You have one intention or goal or any other purpose that is why you wanted to create a website and thinking how to create it.

Step 1

Create Website by Coding

Coding is the main part in website creation. We can say simply that without coding there is no website. But it does not mean that to create a website you need to know coding.

Note: The step 1 is completely suitable for only who knows coding or want to learn it and start website with coding. If you want to create website without coding, then skip this step and continue reading Step 2.

If you know coding, you can simply create your OWN website how you want.

How much time does it take to create a website?

The time for creating the website depends on your design, purpose and on the type of website. Now you may get doubt that what type of websites are.

Mostly we see websites on internet are divided into two types. They are Static and Dynamic Websites. To know it we need to go more depth into the topic. Present that much depth is not necessary so I’m skipping it. Because, you are still at the beginner stage. We don’t need tons of info to create our own first small website. (But if you really want to know more about these two types, you can ask me through comment section. I will definitely write new article on it).

To create a simple website for your portfolio, information, travel guide site etc., you must have skills set that are:

  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  3. JavaScript (Optional)

These three are compulsory. After coding your website, simple go to hosting providing websites and choose a suitable plan for you and buy it. Next upload your code and make your website live.

Step 2:

In this step I’m focusing on only no-coding required resources.

Two Popular Resources to Create Your First Website:

  1. WordPress
  2. Blogger

1 – WordPress

WordPress is the most popular and powerful platform to create websites. If you choose it, I can say, it is perfect choice for your new website.

When you choose WordPress as a beginner you may suffer with confusion. Because, there are two WordPress websites. Not only you, beginners often get confuse which wordpress website they should go to.

What is the difference between and

In these two WordPress platforms is for self-hosted people and is fully hosted platform. It means, in you need not care about hosting, backups blah blah blah and it doesn’t require special hosting and it is available on online for free and paid also.

Creating website in

Go to URL in your web browser.

Click on Get Started which is located at the top of right side on the website. (Or simply click on here

Step 1 – Creating Account:

Write your name, email, password in the fields and click on “Create Account” button. These details are for creating your account in WordPress. Once you have account in WordPress you can simply create website.

Step 2 – Create a site:

Write your site name in “What would you like to name your site?” field.

“What will your site be about?” It means category of your website. For example: Fashion, Design, Tech. Write the name of your website category.

Next under the “What’s the primary goal you have for your site?” You see five options being there. Choose which suits to you.

For “How comfortable are you with creating a website?” Choose 1 because you are absolutely beginner. If you know more you can choose any number in 1 to 5.

Now click “Continue”

Step 3 – Address (URL) for your site:

Under the “Give your site an address” you see a box being there. It is to enter the name of your website URL or address.

Sometimes you entered name may NOT available for you. Because WordPress is very popular website. We already knew it. Being wordpress so popular so many people have claimed large number of address they like in it. In them your chosen name also would be. Because of this reason you won’t get some names that you like very much.

So try another name until you get it is available. You can see your entered name is available or not at below the box you are entering name. After entering name, beside the “[examplename]” and “Free” hit “Select” button. While choosing this button you see below it lot of other names being. Actually they are paid names. To claim them, you have to pay money. If you like to pay and buy your own domain, you can do that also.

Step 4 – Select a plan:

In WordPress they offer 4 type of plans. They are:

  1. Free
  2. Blogger
  3. Personal
  4. Premium

Select Free plan by clicking “Start with free”.

DONE!! You created your site. Congratulations!!

2 – Blogger

Blogger is another popular platform from Google. If you have Google account, getting site from blogger is very easy. If you don’t have, simply go to and create an account, next follow the below steps.

Go to

If you have already Google account, click on “Sign in”. After you sign in, you will redirect to blogger dashboard.

Click on “Create New Blog”, a box will open. In it you see two fields. 1st one is for Your website Title, 2nd one is for your website URL. Enter Title in first box, and in second box enter your url name. The URL Name should be your Title. Here also until you get the name is available you have to search. When you see your URL is available, then you can create your Blog or Website.

Choose one theme from the displayed themes. You can change your theme later also.

Click “Create Blog”. Congratulations! You created your OWN blog. Start Blogging.

Once you have created your website using in any of above methods, you can simply start creating new pages and posts. In WordPress & Blogger creating pages, posts are easy. But if you create a website completely with your own coding, you have to create pages and posts manually using code. Once you create a page with code, you can use that code for your other pages simply changing the title, the content, photos etc. 

If you have difficulty in creating your Blog, just add a comment for the guidance here.

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