How to Get Comments, Likes on Social Networks?

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Online users, especially social networking users who use Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram et cetera, often disappoint due to not getting likes or comments.

Likes or comments are not a matter. According to me there is a simple logic to get or not to get the comments or likes. It depends on you. Long ago roughly many years back, this type of question raised in my mind also. In a less time I found the answer for it. That answer is to get likes and comments, we have to do something.

For clear understanding:

If you want likes or comments on your posts on social networking sites, your post should be meaningful (sometimes even the post is very useful and meaningful, others don’t give comments or likes to it) or you have to give likes or comments to everyone’s posts, so that you can get likes or comments in return by them on your posts.

Others give you likes and comments when they receive a comment or like from you on their post. They won’t give comment or like on your post unless you give them.


And also you will get comments and likes on your posts when you have close friends because they don’t care about your comments on their posts.

I have already said if you want likes and comments on your posts, you have to give comments and likes on others’ posts. According to me this is a way to get likes or comments on social networking sites.

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