Stop Losing And Get more Subscribers on Youtube Chnnel?

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Getting more subscribers and not losing subscribers on your YouTube channel is not a big matter. It is very easy. Today what I am going to tell here is not only true, but fact also.

I have heard many times that “I had many subscribers long ago to my YouTube channel, but now I have only few subscribers I don’t know what the reason is.” And another one question which I often hear from YouTube channel runners is “How to get more subscribers on YouTube?” For these both matters my answer is almost same.

To stop losing your subscribers and get more subscribers, you have to upload videos according to taste of your channel subscribers and try to add videos which attract the people and what they are interested in.

How to know what my subscribers like, so that I can get more subscribers instead of losing subscribers?

Knowing about what your subscribers like is very easy.

When you have got subscribers to your channel, that time you might have uploaded videos according to taste of those subscribers. They have subscribed your YouTube channel because of liking your uploaded videos. By analysing like this, you can know your subscribers’ taste. By noting comments and likes, you can know what they like exactly when your subscribers give like or comment on your uploaded videos.


How to stop losing the subscribers on your YouTube channel?

If you stop uploading videos in your channel, your subscribers may think that there is no point in subscribing this channel. So keep uploading videos on your channel.

Despite having uploaded videos regularly, are you losing your channel’s subscribers? It means, your uploaded videos might not have been interestedly to your subscribers. That’s why they are not liking your channel and unsubscribing. So keep uploading videos which are special and genuine.

These are the simplest tips to get more subscribers and to put a stop for losing your YouTube channel’s subscribers.

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