Human's brain Museum

Did you heard about the human brains Museum? I think you are shocked when you read about this human’s brain museum matter. Yeah!! This news little bit shocking type. And I think already you have got lots of question in your brain, right? Like where, when and what etc…

In Bangalore, there is opened the museum of human’s brains. There are 600 above human’s brains in that museum.

How works the brain, which problems are come to the brain….etc, like this, about these things are explained to normal people in that museum. Dr. Shankar is a professor in the “National Institute of Neuroscience”. This professor’s idea result is the “Museum of human’s brains”. Nearly 30 years time takes to opened this museum. Because, for the collecting of the brains and to convincing of the relatives of who were nearly to dead. There are from the child’s brain who died in mother’s stomach to brains of old age persons. There are different stages of brains.

Bacteria enter into the brain through the food and water. Bacteria started eats the brain in orderly. That’s why brains will damage. The brains which were damaged by infection, tensions and psychic problems….etc., are in this museum. The management of museum said that this museum for the educated to people on the brain and health, like how works the brain etc..

Article by: Padmasri

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