Ignorance is the mother of all evils – English Article

Ignorance meaning is ” Lack of knowledge or information”. Lack of knowledge means one who doesn’t have knowledge. We can say ignorance is the mother of all evils. Because there are many reasons for it. But I don’t want to beat about the bush on it. So this article is going to be finished in two example in a nut shell. Now I will tell those two examples.

First example:

We see news on television and read on newspapers daily. Various kinds of news comes on papers and we read them. Few days back I a news that students were doing chain snatching and et cetera for their enjoyment. They are thinking that life meaning is doing enjoy only for it they should do anything. Like this thinking is their first mistake. Like this thinking is called “Ignorance”. Because of ignorance they are doing those deeds.

And another example (Second example):

It is, doing childhood marriages to younger age children. To explain about ignorance for it “childhood marriages” is best example in my point of view. Because of ignorance, children’s parents have been doing these marriages. Those children’s parents thought should be changed. Whenever their way of thinking is changed these childhood marriages automatically will stop.

Written by: Padmasri

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