Is the fidget spinner good to use?

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Fidget Spinner is a toy. It has more than 2 lobes consisting of bearings. They are available in various prices, shapes, weights, colours etc.

What is the use of this toy?

As per my opinion this toy is a very famous time eating toy. There is a reason why I am saying this. First I say about some things which I used to play in my childhood.

The first one is bongaram. The second one is small wings with stick. This bongaram is made by wood or plastic. This is one of pass time toys. It is spun by thread on the floor. This toy also regards time like fidget spinner.  There is one toy also that can be spun by hand. We would play with these. Whose toy would spin longer time they would win. We would play like this. To use these two toys we have to move our body. We can’t sit to play with these toys how you sit by spinning the fidget spinner. If we use these toys our mind will be active. And these toys won’t do any harm.

And another toy is we would make it with paper and put the stick with pin. When we would run holding and facing the air with this toy that toy would be spinning like fidget spinner. Body also would get exercise because of this toy. You need not laugh saying “is this also a toy?” Yes, this is also one type of toy made by us. Making by us and playing with that toy gives us a beautiful feeling. We feel very happy that we made it.

And another toy is there. It has wings how fan has wings. There is one pipe between these wings. We have to spin using this pipe and leave it in the air. It spins in the air. This toy also makes body exercise. This is also good toy.

These toys are available in the market also. These all toys are better than fidget spinner. Because, children are not addicted to these toys and distracted them from studies how they are addicted to fidget spinner and distracted. They can play with these toys until they are tired after they don’t play due to this they can’t be addicted to these toys. They play for some time and leave. But fidget spinner is not like this I also said above.

Without moving, children can’t play with these toys except fidget spinner. Children need not move playing fidget spinner. They can play where they are. Ex: While sitting, listening to lessons in the class rooms, eating, wherever they want. We know very well that some schools banned this toy.

My opinion is it’s better to avoid this toy they are either children or elders. Some youngsters are also using these toys for style. This is another thing. Whoever they are, they should not be addicted to this fidget spinner.

I saw some youtube videos. Some people made the videos saying trick of fidget spinner and how to play with fidget spinner. I felt very nonsense after watching these videos. I thought why they used fidget spinner instead of basket ball. These tricks have already been shown by basket ball players. If this boy uses these tricks (one boy made video with fidget sinner), he can become as good basket ball player.

As per my opinion, it doesn’t give any relief from stress. And this is not a useful toy. The biggest thing is it distracts the children from their studies. You know very well this. So it is good to children avoiding these spinners.

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