It is believed that sunlight gives Vitamin-D

People, not having known the fact, believe that vitamin D comes from sunlight. This is not true. And I also heard in a seminar a person has also presented his seminar by saying vitamin D comes from sunlight. By saying about vitamin D, not having known the fact, he has done the mistake.

People shouldn’t prefer to say about something which they don’t know about that exactly. You can understand it as my suggestion.

How does the vitamin D come if vitamin D not comes from sunlight?

Vitamin D, consisting of D1, D2, D3, D4, D5 chemicals, is complex vitamin. Which is called by people as vitamin D is one of those five that is D3.

When we stand in sunlight, the cholesterol, which is in our body, makes the vitamin-D with affect of ultra violet rays. If we don’t stand in sunlight, it won’t happen. That’s why everybody says to stand in sunlight to get the vitamin-D. But people, having misunderstood it, are doing think that vitamin-D is in sunlight.  

We need sufficient ultra-violet rays, but these ultra-violet rays are dangerous.

In fact, ultra-violet rays will be in the afternoon sun rays only. And they may badly affect on the skin.

My advice to people is better to know entirely about something before believing to that, so that they can know whether they should believe to it or not to it.

Written by B.Akhil Kumar

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