It is Necessary To Know Normal info about Tetanus


Tetanus -


We hear people talking that the Tetanus is dangerous infection until the Tetanus vaccine should be taken. It may sound very scary when we hear it. And it is necessary to be aware of Tetanus. For it I am writing few words about Tetanus which are important to know.

What is Tetanus?

Tetanus is an infection caused by bacteria.

Where will these bacteria be?                 

These bacteria will be in the soil, manure, and dust.

How do these bacteria affect to health and enter into body?

Bacteria enter into body through the blood from where the wound or cuts present on the body.

What are the symptoms of Tetanus?

When affected by this, human suffer from spasms in jaw muscles. After it causes problems in breathing and spreads remaining parts of body. It may be cause to death also.

What to do and what not to do for not affecting by Tetanus?

When body has any cuts or wounds, that parts should be away from soil, dust and manure. It is better to avoid working in soil, dust manure places till the cuts or wounds cure to avoid bacteria entering into body. And whenever you go into soil which has wet, it is necessary to cover your feet because bacteria will be in soil. When you enter with bare feet into soil if any sharp thing penetrates in your feet and it causes cuts on your feet, the bacteria may enter into your body through those cuts. And avoid the iron things which are rust it may also cause Tetanus if they penetrate on the body.

Precaution for not being affected by Tetanus:

Precaution for it is only vaccine called TT injection. It is prevented by only vaccine, this Tetanus vaccine should be taken every 10 years. Because if anybody affected by this, Tetanus could not be controlled. So be aware of Tetanus.

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