Keep cleaning and Be Away from Viral Fevers

Keep cleaning and Be Away from Viral Fevers



How to keep away mosquitoes? What to do to avoid fevers like dengue, malaria, chikungunya etc. Now a days, these fevers spread very fast. Malaria is a parasitic fever. Dengue and cihikungunya are viral fevers. We know very well that these fevers spread from one to others by female mosquitoes. These mosquitoes leave the virus into human body while biting the body and sucking the blood.

What to do to keep away the mosquitoes:

We should take some precautions. Normally people use these

1. Mosquito coils

2. Mosquito liquids.

Some people use net to be away from mosquitoes.

We know about these very well. But we have to do another also. We see people growing the plants in pots outside or in balcony. If plants grow, there is no problem. When plant dry and it rains, the water will come and add into the pots. If you don’t throw away the water or remove the pots, the mosquitoes come and lay the eggs on that water. These eggs take 2 or 3 weeks to form as mosquitoes. The water will be not only pots, but in other things also. So you have to find the things and places, where water is stored and which are not used like pots, drums, tyres. And you have to check water pits also. If water is stored you should clean them and remove the water to avoid the mosquitoes laying the eggs on water. Not only in small things, but swimming pools also, water should not be stored for weeks. Recently I have read one news that Bollywood actress Vidyabalan suffered from Dengue. After enquiries, the result came that the mosquitoes came from Bollywood actor Shahid kapoor’s swimming pool. Because Shaid kapoor didn’t get the swimming pool cleaned and changed the water. Due to that mosquitoes grew on that water. They spread and went to others houses. In this case, Shahid kapoor got notice from the court in Mumbai. Not only he got, but other householders also got notices due to not cleaning the stored water.

So you have to be aware of water storages and clean them as soon as possible.

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