Little Girl – English Poem

*Oho a sweet little girl..*
*Came to me like a doll..*
*With a magic in her smiles *
*And with a music in her words*

*When her little arms surrounded my neck*
*And her little fingers touched my cheeks*
*And her little thoughts gave me an exam*
*asking me what is this and what is that *
*ohh my heart become light*
*is this the reason to call kids as God*
*and my smile become so innocent*
*Yes, with her, I become like another Kid.. **J *

Written by : Krishna Prasad

2 thoughts on “Little Girl – English Poem”

  1. avunandi krishnaprasad garu chinna pillalu aa devudi prathiroopalu vaari navvu oka swargam adoka adbuthamina anubhavam matalakandani aanandanni isthundi vari bosi navvu abbo ilaa cheppukuntoo pothe nenu kooda oka kavitha rasesthaneno chalaa chala baaaga chepparu sir thanku

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