Mother’s Day – Poetry

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom, Neeha burst into the room,

With a bunch of roses.

I hugged her, taking them.

‘Thank you, dear, you made my

Day’. I said the routine words

Required for the occasion. After

She left, a thought recurred again

And again.

Why should we celebrate motherhood,

On a day that has nothing to do with us


Why should we celebrate one daughter’s

Tribute to her mother as our own individual


Don’t each mother have her own special

Day? her own special Mother’s day? I

Gasped aloud when I realized which day

Will be a woman’s special ‘her own’

Mother’s day!

With that significant realization

My mind became calm.

Soon Neeha’s birthday came.

I baked two cakes!

One with a Happy Birthday, for

Her and another, with a Happy

Mother’s day!

She looked at me with surprise.

What’s this mother?

She asked


Don’t you see Neeha, on this day I became a mother,

Is not it apt, that I should celebrate

My motherhood today?

Her face brightened.

Yes mother, this thought never occurred to

Me. In fact, no one might have thought it. I

Will tell this to all my friends, she said with

Excitement. That day, both of us

Celebrated our own very special day!

She, her Birthday,

Me, my Mother’s Day!