My Lovable – English Poetry

I saw my face in mirror, its says it’s not you?????

I said something, they told its not your words????

My dreams told me, we are not your dreams??????

When I am walking, my shadow is not with me??

I didn’t understood anything, then my heart says

On mirror your body is only half, your dreams missed you,

your words uncompleted.

Then I understood My body, soul and heart is with my lovable husband anil…

And i am in love……………….

My name now feels complete

with an “L” in the last and becomes PavAnil.

Written by : Pavani Vattikuti

7 thoughts on “My Lovable – English Poetry”

  1. PavAnil gaaru chala chakkaga mee life partener gurinchi chepparandi. chala bagundi. wife and husband ante sariralu veraina manasulu yeppudu kalisipoyi untayani mee kavitalo baga chepparu.

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