My Son – My Hero – Poetry

Kamisetti Chandramouli
Teacher In Biological Science at Z.P. High School, Tarimala, Singanamala Mdl. ATP (Dist)

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Kamisetti Chandramouli

Sprouting out from the warmth of the Earth

Like a pompous seedling raising its head high

The bubbling energy in each blood surge

He gallantly ascends the peaks of  life

With a hand held bludgeon of bravado


Heart filled with the power of fortitude

Silence an unfathomed  heaving sea

Laughter a pleasant music of the woods

Valiant words the tough spiky swords

Looks of a Greek Falcon’s sharp sight

Eyes  with unblemished love towards the lot

Born to win the wonderful world of glee

Soul with a compassion for the frail and cheer in spirits

Embracing the noble thoughts in the indomitable arms

Winning over  the very spirits of youthful thoughts

Marching over the battle field of emotional conflicts

Emerges the ultimate winner of the invisible wars

The invincible Hero in my soul and spirits…….. He is my SON!

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