Is playing Video Games Good or bad?

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Whenever people hear about videogames, almost mobile or PC games flash on their minds. Now-a-days everybody can play videogames on TV, mobiles, computers, laptops et cetera devices.

According to me playing the videogames is not a good habit. You can sharp your mind by playing only some of videogames but not from by playing all.

In market and on online killing et cetera sorts of games or available which affect badly on children by playing them. Parents should not allow their children to play those games.

There will be a meaning if people or kids play videogames which can help in improving their mind capacity.

Are there any advantages by playing video games?

People, who are playing videogames, while playing videogames, like eating junk food. By eating junk food, they will become fat.

To say frankly, there are almost disadvantages than advantages by playing them. By playing videogames whatever you like, you won’t get anything.

What should I play instead of playing video games?

Instead of playing videogames, play real games and sports. If you play them, your body will get energy, exercise and your fat will decrease. Playing real games are good to health. So these should be preferred to play.


So I suggest you instead of playing videogames, play real games, sports et cetera. There will be no problem if you play video games in a limit.

Some advertisements on TV are also selling their products by saying not to play videogames.

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