“Poetry Soup” Winning me – Poetry

Kamisetti Chandramouli
Teacher In Biological Science at Z.P. High School, Tarimala, Singanamala Mdl. ATP (Dist)

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Into the unfathomed abyss dives my heart

Reminiscing the tormented moment

With all the tear filled spectacle

Sensing a gorgeous miracle

The cuckoo’s song is heard in a tragic tone

As my deepest heart begins to moan

In the chill morning day light

As I lay in the bed out of sight

How sweet is the bitterest insult

Relishes my bruised heart

Obsessed by the callous fate

Ruthlessly engrossed in hate

Into the mysterious chasm

The magical angelic smile pleasantly flow

Awakens the dogma of my life

Finding its way to the ultimate bliss

Standing erect salutes the world

To the Augustan spirit of the bold

Vanishing into the wild thought

I’ll one day win over my wonderful heart.

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