Prayer to the Divine – Poetry

Kamisetti Chandramouli
Teacher In Biological Science at Z.P. High School, Tarimala, Singanamala Mdl. ATP (Dist)

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K. Chandramouli

Oh God ! Wake my soul into the world of divinity

To carve up the moments of your eternal love

Make my heart the abode of sanctity

To conjure up your thoughts forever

Take me to the pinnacle of serenity

To experience the heavenly bliss of life

Held in the arms of your amorous embrace

Shall I reach the glory of true humanity

Unmasking the camouflage of the imp

Redefining my thoughts into the incandescent

Refraining from the aberrance of the gluttony

Shall myself raise to the zenith of perfection

Oh my Savior, endow me the mighty clout

To aid the destitute and the dreary meager

For the true love of you on the frail

Would surely linger in this world further

And the ace of faith shall evermore prevail

Until the dawn of the devout opulence rules forever.

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