Role of youth in taking Indian Democracy forward through increase of vote turnover and ethical voting

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India, as the largest democracy in the world, is being confronted with a strange problem today due to several reasons that have contributed for the constant decline of voting percentile in the elections held from the dawn of democratic rule in 1952 until the recent past. It is alarmingly fatal for the sustenance of democratic set up in this great country in the ensuing elections that are going to set pace for the promising future of the mammoth population of this wonderful country in the years to come when the fellow total contemporary world is transforming itself into a sophisticated global village with all the amenities available for common man even under all adversities due to the knowledge explosion in scientific and administrative domains with strict political discipline in governance. However, the chief cause for the decline of voting percentage in India might be due to the irresponsible political system prevalent since 1970’s that has triggered the lapses in democratic values that are the very back bone for administration on the basis of Constitutional regulations.

India, considered by the forefathers of our generation as the common man’s heaven, stands for the unity and integrity of cultural and social values like peace , harmony and progress entwined with each other like flowers of a garland by means of a thread symbolized by tolerance. The leaders of the past generation showed a lot of concern for the values envisaged by the Constitution. They strived hard to build up this great nation with all their commitment and selfless efforts even though there existed a subtle difference in their policies and principles which is the main essence of a democratic set up. Of late, the political leaders who ushered the throne in the later years of 1970’s led this great country into a political turmoil which has caused so much of degradation of both political and administrative systems in total. Ipso-facto, the dangerous feature of craving for power and earning among the so called leaders of several political parties that have risen from the back ground of materialistic ideologies rather than political ideologies is the main reason behind the decline of interest in the minds of common voters making them think that the political system has lost it’s track and instead, it has given rise to political sins like corruption, nepotism, red-tapism and many other societal evils that have commenced the sabotage of democratic system by rotting the roots of State legacy in administration.

It is now, in the present context of rebuilding India with the help of youth of today, that the spirit of democracy is slowly getting rejuvenated and it is really an inevitable trend for the promising future for the folks of our country. The youth of India are now keen about the happenings around them despite a section of them are still being lured upon by the rotten political system. However, the educated urban and semi urban youth have been quite a bit seriously thinking about bringing back the spirit of constitutional values back into power so as to safeguard their future which is presently encompassed by several malicious political elements. The fight back has just begun and the ray of hope is emerging on India’s political arena as we see so many young aspirants wanting themselves to lead this country in pioneering wonderful advancement in all the domains of development on par with the developed world. The rural youth of this country, have been falling a bait for the local corrupt leadership since generations. There is every need to educate them about need to vote and elect a prudish leader who could really understand their needs and improve their living standards. This can be done through the media, especially the electronic media which has percolated to the grass root levels in rural areas also in our country. Here again, the role of urban youth should be worth constructive. No matter how old the parties are, how strong the economic roots of the corrupt parties are, how ruthless the tyrannical attitudes of the leaders are, the youth should march forward with commitment to surpass all the odds in order to transform the present demoralized political system into a constructive and idealistic administrative system that would really help the poorest of the poor in providing food, drinking water, uninterrupted power supply, housing, medical and educational opportunities along with the generation of employment for all those who are productive and creative. For this purpose, the youth should come forward determined to vote and elect the right party representative to reflect their aspirations and fulfill their dreams. The educated youth should hold rural campaigns, symposiums and Workshops to formulate strategies and chalk out the programs intended to increase the voting percentage. The urban elite have to be made aware of their right to cast their vote and elect the right personnel to discuss and discharge the duties of perfect legislator in order to establish a developed society with good amenities and fine administration free from social evils. Right to vote should be made mandatory.

Should this great country be the leader for all the goodness in this world, the youth of this nation need to come forward and lead a mission to accelerate the voting percentage and educate the rural folks who are generally either carried away by the passions and hallucinations or rather the corruption along with oppression by the rural tyrannical attitudes of feudalistic hooligans and power mongers who had been the destroyers of democratic values in the past. Youth should be the pathfinders and pioneers for this kind of ethical voting admonishing the malpractices of shrewd politicians of the yester years and establish a new era of fresh prudish politics to ensure a brighter future for the generations to come. The very essence of lessons that the youth have studied in the history of this great country should be imbibed in the leaders of tomorrow for paving way for a promising future, lest this country shall fall a prey for the evils of State demolition. Let the noble dreams of our past leaders be fulfilled and the hearts of our youth be rekindled with the true spirit of gorgeous patriotic leaders who have selflessly sacrificed their lives for the happy living of our next generations.

Jai Hind !!!

Written by K. Chandra Mouli,
Naik Nagar, Ananthapuramu,
Ananthapuramu District. (A.P.)
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