Small Things Are NOT Negligible


Small Things Are not negligible

The small things are not negligible things. Everyone has to be aware of them, so that you can’t face or get problems by them. I am writing here about what I have observed.

1. The first thing is the peel of banana. Everybody knows what happens if the peel is thrown. Despite having dustbin, the people still do throwing the peel outside. I don’t understand why some of people, knowing the peel makes others slip, do like that. Due to this, people, who unexpectedly set foot on the peel and fall, may get from bruise to fractures. Sometimes peel of banana may also cause to the demise.

2. The second one is the floor. Now a days, in villages also the marbles are used for the floors. There won’t be any problem if marble floors are covered by carpets. If the marble floors are not covered by carpets, there are some cautions to be taken.

Below I wrote few points which seem to be small things but they are not negligible because they may cause people getting injuries.

  1. When the water falls down on the floor, the water should be wiped, so that you can avoid slipping by setting foot on the water. The water makes the feet slip on the marble.
  2. The second thing is oil. Oil, being slippery, can cause from minor injuries to major injuries when it spills on the floor if you set foot on the oil. To avoid this, it is necessary to wipe or clean the floor to remove oil.
  3. The third thing is the polythene covers. The polythene covers are as dangerous as peel of banana, oil, water et cetera. When the polythene cover presents on floor if you unexpectedly set foot on the polythene cover, it makes you slip.


  • Marble floors should be covered with carpets or any other.
  • Look after for not to be slippery things on floor.
  • Walk carefully.

These all seem to be negligible but they may cause people getting injuries. 

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