Success and Failure – Don’t be afraid of failures, move forward to get Success

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An article which I would like to write from long time is about “Success and Failure”. If you were here to know about the success and failure, you could read here my views and opinions about successes and failures.


Which would come when we worked hard is called achievement. That achievement is success.

According to me if there is no hard or sincere work, there won’t be success.

What the foolish opinion of people on “Success”?

A reason has made me write this question here. I have heard many times from people that to achieve the success, hard or sincere working is not sufficient but luck also there should be. These are the words which I have heard often from people. But I say that luck is not a part for achieving the success. Luck lies in our hands; it means if we do any work sincerely and hard, we will definitely achieve the success successfully. That’s why I say that there is no luck to get success. Your trying is only your luck for your success, so don’t look additionally for other luck. And I also suggest to you not to think for luck to achieve success for what you work.

Another opinion of people for achieving the success:

The people, who are around us, are lot of mind set persons. Each one of them has each mind set, they say you what they believe on. That’s why there are many opinions about to get success, in them these are two remarkable opinions of people which I have told before it and this.

Some people say, “It depends on your destiny to get the success for what you are looking on.”

Whatever they say, I don’t believe on these. You will also think like me when you think logically.

People say what they like, so let them. But the fact is the fact only. The fact is where the sincere or hard working is, there is success.

Why am I not able to get the success even working hard?

The answer for it of me is very simple. The answer of even working hard you are unable to get the success is there may be other persons who are working as same as you. 1. How do you achieve the success where the equal work is done? 2. Is it possible giving the first prize to every participated candidate in a game? For the number second question your answer is no, no is the answer for the number one question too.

You are working hard but there may be other persons who are working as same as you. That’s why you are not able to achieve the success. In this situation to achieve the success, you have to work harder than others. When you work harder than them, you will definitely get the success without hesitation.

This is my opinion to achieve the success.

Till now I have described about the “Success”.

Now about the “failure”.


There is nothing a lot to describe about the “failure” according to me.

When you don’t do your work with the concentration, love, sincere et cetera, you will get the failure. If there is no hard working, there will be failure instead of success. And there might chance to get failure when the time is difficult also.

A fact:

According to me there is no success without failure. Never mind of failures and keep setting a forward step for achieving the success. And also feel the failures are as first steps of your success, it will be easy to you to reach your goal successfully.

For a better example for it: Everybody knows English alphabets. Look the written below words.

  • Success – Failure
  • Positive – Negative
  • Good – Bad
  • Light – Dark

Now check the begin letters of those words in alphabets of English. To say clearly, S for success, F for failure, check the beginning letters of these words where will be in the list of English alphabets. F will be first, next S will be.

According to it we can easily say that without failure there is no success. I hope that you would understand it what I have tried to say to you.

Is there any trick to get the success easily because some of people get success very easily?

I don’t know about them who get success easily or in a single shot. According to me without hard or sincere working there is no success. And there is no point in thinking easy methods for achieving the success, so don’t try the tricks to get the success. Instead of trying for it, better to try hard to achieve the success successfully.

So every day before the sunlight, there is dark. Does the day start without the dark? Never starts. Like that we always never mind of failures, we should move forward for success. And getting the success is very easy when you do your work hard and sincerely.

These all are my feelings of Success and Failure.

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