Top 11 tips to be safe in online and to be keep your account safe

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Now a days Internet has become a part of human life. There are many reasons to become it as a part of human life. Without the age limitation children and elders are using internet. And in these days online examinations, interviews and job notifications and many have also come to online. This is a really great change in internet generation. Because of it many works were become easy. Not only these with the help of online everything became easy, for example for the busy persons shopping is a big problem because it takes much time to do shopping but in online, shopping is easy. Like this many works are easy through using online which are not possible to do easily in real life.

And internet came very close to us through mobile devices. Because of it internet users count is hugely increased. Emails, Accounts, Social Network and etcetera net users are highly using.

If there are advantages by using some thing, along with it there always will be disadvantages. Like knife, it has two sides sharp.

Same it is applied to internet too. By using internet many advantages are there but along with disadvantages are also there.

Many people are suffering from hackers. Some persons accounts keep get hack. If your account was also hacked and you are looking to keep your account safe from hackers? Then this article helps you to keep your account safe.

Generally people keep date of birth, lucky number, nickname, pet name and names as their account password. Because of it many people accounts are hacked

Add a strong password

Tip 1: Whenever you put password to your account remember that don’t add your date of birth details or yours or your family names, pet, nicknames etcetera.

Tip 2: Your password strength should be 100%. To be your password strength is 100% your password letters should be more than 12. Some persons keep 6 letters password only. Many chances are there to be hacked which account has this type of password. So whenever you put password to your account keep remember your password letters count should be more than 10 or 12 letters.

Tip 3: Don’t put your password with only alphabets or with only number. Make your password with alphabets and number. For strong password add alphabets and numbers. If you make password like this, hackers cannot hack your account.

Tip 4: Password should not be a normal name if your account is very important. Think different for it.

Precautions for online shopping and banking

Tip 5: Whenever you purchase something in online, check once the URL of that website. Mostly trusted e-commerce contains HTTPS. If a website doesn’t have https so stop buying on it. Some of sites which don’t have HTTPS are good but not all. Decision is yours.

Tip 6: Online banking: Official websites of banks contain HTTPS definitely. So check twice when you log in on bank sites. After every three months change your bank password to keep your account safe.

Tip 7: If a mail came to your inbox and asked your online bank password or etcetera? Don’t respond to this type of mails because banks don’t ask their customers passwords or etcetera so keep it in your mind.

Mails from unknown persons saying ‘You have won”

In these days this type of fraud has become very popular in internet. Many people were cheated and lost a lot of money because of this fraud mails. So every net user should know tips to safe themselves in internet. Net users should be up to date in these matters.

Tip 8: If you have received a mail from unknown person by saying “You have won lottery” or “You won $xxxx money in lucky draw” and etcetera. It means that mails are fraud and sent by cheaters. If your question is “If I received that type mails what should I do?” For it, answer is “you need not do any thing, simply delete that mails. Or report them as spam in your mail”.

Tip 9: Did you receive a mail saying that you got a job in XXXXX company without applying? It means it is 100% fraud mail. Think once without submitting resume or application how could you get a job? Are you a VIP to get jobs like that? No, without doing anything we cannot receive anything. I don’t know why people think like this? simple to guess. For example if you received that type mail and want confirm really did you really got job or not? Then go to that company and verify that you got job or not. But don’t call which numbers are in your mail.

Mails to hack your facebook or mail

Tip 10: Another trick hackers often use to hack your facebook or mail that is they will send a mail by saying “You have received 5 messages in facebook, if you don’t open your account will be deleted or deactivated”. Facebook or other any social networking sites never send mails like this think once really they delete for this silly reason? That too if you don’t open your message will they deactivate? How silly it is. So don’t open that type mails and don’t click on links which are in that mail.

Tip 11: If you are new to social networking site, go to privacy settings and set them which should be in public which or which should not be in public. Don’t share your personal information in public. And don’t do unwanted comments.

Article by: B.Akhil

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