Top 3 Scientific Reasons for Sneezing


Top 3 Scientific Reasons for Sneezing

The reasons for sneezing are in brief. We see people sneezing around us and we also sneeze.  Actually there are many reasons for sneezing but I am writing few reasons for sneezing

  1. The fist reason is flues. If anybody suffers from fevers, they sneeze.
  2. Second one is cold.
  3. Third one is allergies.

Example for allergies: I want to tell about dust allergy.  I suffer from dust allergy. When I open old books and the dust spreads in the air, I sneeze. This is called dust allergy.

If we sneeze due to allergies or dust, what happens in nostrils and lungs?

 When dust and allergenic particles enter into nostrils, in the nostrils, the hair averts the big particles but sometimes they can’t avert the small particles, those particles enter into lungs and attach to walls of lungs. Then lungs try to send out those particles. There is a system in lungs to send them out. When the lungs try to send them out, we sneeze due to force of lungs.

And if this sneezes are normal sneezes, there is no problem to others.  But if that person who sneezed had any viral fever, then it might cause diseases to others who were around him. We have to take some precautions, so that we can stop the spreading of viruses.

Two main precautions should be taken while sneezing:

  1. We should cover mouth and nose by hand kerchief while sneezing.
  2.  If we don’t have anything we should cover mouth and nostrils at least with hands, so that the viruses will be stopped which are in sneezing.

    Suggestion: After sneezing, hands should be washed. Because when you sneeze, they, which have come from your nose, will stick on your hands. If you touch your family members or others with that hand without washing, the virus will spread to them. So washing your hands neatly must be done.

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