Top 5 Facts of Potatoes

– B. Akhil Kumar

We all like the food made by Potatoes. They are so tasty. Either the matter is of junk food or dishes. Whatever the food is, but in the food if the potato is added, the taste of that dish will be delicious, won’t it be?

In the recipes of snacks, chips, curries et cetera, we most use potato. There are many recipes mainly depended on only potatoes.

Let’s know about the fact of Potatoes now.

Top Five Facts of Potatoes:

  1. If we see according to the scientists, these Potatoes are produced firstly at about more than eight thousand years ago at the borders of Peru, Bolivia and the surrounding places of Titicaca Lake.
  2. More than 30 thousand crore of potatoes are fertilizing world widely.
  3. Almost half of from the produced potatoes are eaten by only the Asia people. If we see count of potato eating people world widely, it is more than hundred crore.
  4. Potato is the third food which can feed and survive the people.
  5.  According to an estimation of a survey, a person for a year is eating potatoes more than 80kgs in Europe, 24kgs in Asia, 14kgs in Africa.

These are the top five facts about Potato. In additionally to these five facts, top two potato fertilizing countries are 1. China 2. India.

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