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Trees play main role on earth. To say mainly trees give us oxygen to all living beings and humans. Think once if there is no oxygen, what will happen? Do we live without Oxygen? Have you ever questioned yourselves this question? I think you haven’t questioned till now like which I have mentioned. Doesn’t matter have you questioned or not, matter is you have to think about it and must question yourselves on it.

You have to think, why I’m saying to question yourselves is day-by-day forests count is decreasing, meaning of it is trees count is also decreasing because of this consequence, oxygen level is going down and other air levels are going up in result damaging the Ozone. If layer Ozone gets damage, we can guess what effect reflects on us and all other creatures.

This is only not going to happen by extinct of forests. Because of it rain won’t rain at a time/season and rains may not be rain and can rain continuously. Cause of the extinct of forests earthquakes, tsunamis and nature concern all dangerous coming chances are there.

Decreasing of forests continues, there is no place for our future generation. Because there will not be any living fecilities on earth.
Every country’s government has been saying to stop cutting forests and instead grow forests by planting. But no-one is listening. And also government has been failing in trees growing mission. Reason of to fail that mission is we are. Yes, cause us government’s mission has been failing. Because trees growing work is not only government concern, it is people concern also. People have chosen the government, government, government has not chosen people. You have to understand this. Whenever you understand it, you will start helping government on their mission.

When people co-operate to government in growing plants or any other project, that project definitely gets success.
I am writing this article to bring change in people thinking I hope it works.

Written by B.Akhil Kumar

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  1. yes you said correctly. people choose the government. so people must grow plants. well said. keep it up. ,

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