Truth and Untruth Brief Explanation – English Article

B. Akhil Kumar

In our world, everything to be told to someone, people depend on their tongue and lips. To say in a simple sentence, people, by talking, tell the matter what they want to talk or tell.

According to me the types of matter which we talk are two types.

  • Talking truth
  • Talking untruth

Above those both depend on how the people talk about something. To say simply and easily, If people tell about something or person as same as how it and that person is, that is called truth.

When a person tells false about something or a person is called untruth. For the better understanding when a person tries to tell by suppressing the truth is called untruth.

It is true when the truth is told as it is.

It is untruth when false is told instead of telling the truth.

We see everywhere on our world untruth being told, moreover, we see people suffering due to telling lies.

Truth is like taste of bitter.

Untruth is like taste of sugar.

Comparison of Truth and Untruth:

Untruth is like sugar, everybody likes listening to untruth as same as eating sugar. And they listen to lies and convey it to others. It continues like a chain.

But truth is not like that because a truth is a truth only. Truth always changes some people mouth into the bitter taste. My intention is to say this bitter for the truth is “here bitter means not to bear the truth”. When this truth goes to a person ears, he or she feels bitter taste in their mouth because they can’t bear that and they might have many reasons for it. To prevent reaching the truth to others, they suppress truth within like how they drink water when they feel bitter taste in their mouth so that they don’t feel it.

Like this, before going the truth outside by wearing the footwear, the untruth rounds the earth entirely and returns.

If we compare untruth with the truth, it can’t be equal to the truth forever. Untruth may be fast in spreading but the truth only wins ultimately. So untruth shouldn’t be told, truths only should be told. According to me truths only give you better life and way to reach your goal.

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