Usage of plastic and its harmful effects


I think there is no body without using the plastic.One of the reasons of using the plastic is it (polythene covers and plastic things which are used in daily life) has low wait and very cheap. Yes, this is one of the most and very important reason and makes people use the plastic. This plastic is very harmful for not only human beings, but all creatures and environment also. How it affects? Let’s know the advantages and disadvantages and effects of plastic.

First we shall know about the advantages of plastic.


  • have light weight
  • are strong
  • are low cost
  • can be carried everywhere easily

The above are main reasons for using the plastic.

Let’s know the disadvantages and effects.

  • You see restaurants and fast food centers using the plastic bags for food and selling hot food it in them. Due to heat of food, the plastic will be dissolved and mixes in food.  When that food is eaten, little quantity of plastic will go into the body along with the food.  It affects the body. Drinking and eating food in plastic cups, boxes also cause for diseases.
    Like this, plastic is very harmful to human beings in various ways.
  • Animals also like buffaloes, cows etc., eat the plastic by thinking they are eatable ingredients. Not only animals, but birds also eat plastic things. Owing to eating plastic, they die.
  • When plastic is left in water (tanks, rivers, seas etc.,) fish, nails, dolphins, Whales, etc., eat plastic and get diseases and death.
    Human beings, animals, birds and aquatic creatures are at risk due to plastic things.
  • And one more important thing is plastic does not dissolve in the soil.  Plastic prevents the soil to absorb the water. Because of this soil dries up. Next, after certain time, the soil becomes desert.

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