What is JAM and meaning of it? – English Article

People, not attending interviews, don’t know what the JAM is and the meaning of JAM.

Before knowing about JAM, we should know the meaning of the JAM.

JAM meaning is “Just a Minute”.

Why will it be conducted in interviews?

Interviewers conduct the JAM to know about the candidates’ talents and whether they are suitable for the offered job or not.

How do the interviewers know about the candidates by conducting the JAM?

They know about you according to performance of you in JAM. By conducting JAM, they know your thinking power, on the spot thinking, fastness and whether you can take decisions on the spot or not. To know all these about you, they conduct this “Just a Minute – JAM” in interviews.

What should I do in JAM?

You will have to speak till one minute on the topic which will be given by interviewers to you.

What do interviewers ask in JAM?

Nobody can tell what interviewers ask to the candidates in interviews. Because they can ask anything to you whatever they like.

According to me I will give you some examples how the topics will be and be asked by interviewers. NOTE: Do not think which I have written here will be exactly asked in JAM.

To give you just an idea about the topics of JAM, I have written this article.

They may ask you about the job related topics or burning topics.

I think I need not tell how your job related questions or topics, because you know about them very well.

Burning Topics:

You should have grip on burning topics. You, by reading newspapers, watching news on T.V, may know burning news and topics.


What should I do if interviewers ask the topic which I don’t know?

If the interviewers ask you any question or about any topic which you don’t know, beat about the bush and connect it to which is asked by interviewers

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