What is the Special Characteristic of Kea Parrots?


Parrots… cute birds are mostly loved by everyone. And we know how cute they are in look and they speak. But now I am going to tell that you might not have heard about them.

Around us and in the movies we have seen many types of parrots and having different colors, voices. But did you hear about Kea Parrots? If you didn’t yet, then know about it now. The Kea Parrotis one of the parrot species. And these are very special. You may think why they are special. Let me tell.

Actually all parrots have various colours, sizes, tails etc. This is generally we know about the parrots. But these Kea Parrots have one more different character.

Birds, animals and other species to attract other birds they have some special characteristics. Using them they attract other birds. Like that parrots also have specialcharacteristics for that. But now I’m going to tell the special characteristic about Kea Parrot is not this kind of one. This Kea Parrot doesn’t use this to attract other birds.

What is the special characteristic of Kea Parrot?

It is Kea Parrots laughter. It sounds wonder. But it’s true. Kea Parrots can laugh. And its laughter will be so attractive and good. So cute to hear.

When a Kea Parrot laughs, the others birds get attracted to its laugh and come to that Kea Parrot. Do you know next what birds do? They play with each other and spare their time! It sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

Generally, this type of intelligenceis only in somemammals. But this Kea Parrot has also this intelligence.

Let’s know little more about this parrot where they live and what their other names.

Kea Parrots live in New Zealand. That is why it is called New Zealand Parrot also. Another name of it is Mountain Parrot.

So this is about Kea Parrot in briefly.

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