Why orkut has gone?

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Few years ago Indians favorite social website was Orkut. According to my knowledge other countries people like other social networking sites but our Indians most liked social website was Orkut. That was the status of orkut in our India. On those days no one think that the Orkut will be left in future. But unfortunately it has gone away from internet.

The orkut dot com is permanently shut downed date was September 30 2014. It was very shocking news for who were the fully effected with the orkut, especially orkut was very much attached with our Indians I think.

Whatever it was gone, but I cannot forget the orkut.

I think if the orkut management didn’t launch any new features in their network, without launching they are continued with old features only, that reason result is ORKUT shut-downed. Who were attached with orkut they can’t forget it because it connects our child hood friends, college friends and who we missed in our life. When orkut was in starting its goal was very great but when other social network sites started that sites gave strong competition to orkut. According to my knowledge that effect strongly effected on orkut as a results we know what happened to orkut. Orkut is also not a kid it was also launched some features but that features are not attractive, may be if the orkut lunches other great things to their website now these all wasn’t happened.

I think orkut is one of the part in Google. According with it may be Google thought was its(orkut) not necessary because they have recently grandly launched “Google+” I think this is the reason for shut-downed of orkut.

After orkut gone away from the internet but still they are giving the orkut’s members data. All are can able to download their orkut data from google account which connected with your orkut. To download, go to google account and click on “DATA” and choose orkut next download it. For more details ask me in comments, I will try to give you reply…

Article by: B.Akhil

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